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Petra Satine Cífková

Oriental dance totally stunned me from the first moment and I am very happy that it has become an essential part of every pleasant day in my life for several years. Even as a child I liked to dance. I tried to create various dancing routines imagining that maybe someday I'll conquer the dancing world in some famous dance group.  These dreams have shattered, (as well as the glory of Janet Jackson, at whose songs I had danced) but my love to dance remained. Since childhood I attended artistic gymnastics, through which I gained quite good physical training, and even here my favourite discipline was always Floor exercise, because besides few artistic tricks, there was a big part of the dancing.

About ten years later, in 2003, I began attending oriental dance classes in Brno at Maya’s studio and I immediately realized that this kind of activity can always charge me with positive energy and good mood. I think that is why I completely fell for bellydancing and I eventually began performing and subsequently also teaching.

Between 2006 - 2009 I joined the dance company of Layla Abdel and had the opportunity to participate in the oriental show "Desert Rose". Besides Layla’s classes, which substantially influenced my dancing development, I also attended oriental dance courses of Šárka Martináková, flamenco courses, and continuously educated in seminars at many Czech and foreign lecturers, in which I still continue.

In 2010, I began to attend classes of Eglal. Her approach to dance very inspires and motivates me, therefore it is a great honour to pass the love to dance to other people under the head of her amazing studio.

In early 2012, my dream came true and I won the Bellydance Evolution audition and performed as one of the dancers at this prestigious international show in Hanover. Later in 2012, I was lucky enough to win the competition for Drumsolist of a year at Aiwa! Festival in České Budějovice, and at the Prague Orient Connection festival I won the Queen of Raks Sharki Competition.