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Bellydance Elevation WE with Eglal and Shalymar 28.-30.9.

Bellydance Elevation WE with Eglal and Shalymar 28.-30.9.

a 3-days-intensive in Prague with Eglal and Shalymar full of challenging units in dance and body strengthening combined with yoga, stretch and relaxing classes designed to polish your dance and posture, to improve your body awareness and to relax your mind.

Friday 6pm-9pm, Saturday 9.30-12.30, 13.30-16.30, 16.45-18.45, Hafla party - If you want to perform, don´t forget to bring your costume! Sunday 9.30-12.30, 13-15

SHALYMAR elegant and sensual dancer from Berlin-city where she teaching in her own dance school “Hayal”.
Deeply devoted to Arabic music she found her vocation in oriental dance.
Shalymar is performing nationally and internationally solo as well as in Chillis ensemble. In 2010 she has been casted by Jillina for Bellydance Evolution.

1.Smooth and flowing - what makes the difference between one technique following another one and a real dance? It's all about transitions - how you combine the moves, steps and turn without stops and unwanted breaks in the flow!
2. Muscles for Bellydancers - effective ways to train your body based on Pilates principles and own experiences - be prepared to sweat! ; )
3. It's all about posture! Doesn't matter what you do- just how you do it! We will be working on graceful and effective posture in dance to improve your style.
4.Flexibility and elegance for Bellydancers - Yoga and balet technique to become more flexible and fluent, to have nice and strong extensions in the body and dance, arms, legs.
5.Technique of shimmy, Accents, fluidity in shimmy and drum solo choreography

More info http://www.eglal.cz/en/oriental-dance-workshops/